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Some of our most poplular research news in 2019: 1. Heikki Hiilamo: “Disappointing results from the Finnish basic income experiment” https://bit.ly/2PUjuWI 2. Why is Finnish teacher education excellent? Teacher training schools are one explanation https://bit.ly/2rQK6A0 3. What keeps Putin in power? https://bit.ly/2YQTyiO 4. Researchers discover the Achilles heel of an aggressive brain cancer – could antihistamine be a potential aid in defeating cancerous cells? https://bit.ly/2RXiaFm 5. The last mammoths died on a remote island https://bit.ly/35s56vy 6. New findings on nitrous oxide emissions from Northern trees surprised scientists https://bit.ly/38Ft4pf 7. Jari Lavonen: The Finnish education system cannot be copied, but parts of it can be exported https://bit.ly/34sfEJQ 8. First common risk genes discovered for autism https://bit.ly/36F8O55 9. Deep sleep cleanses the brain https://bit.ly/2qXnspf 10. Breakthrough in the discovery of DNA in ancient bones buried in water https://bit.ly/2stWK82
Heikki Hiilamo: "Disappointing results from the Finnish basic income experiment" | University of Helsinki helsinki.fi

Heikki Hiilamo, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Helsinki, comments on the preliminary results of Finland's basic income experiment: Effects on the labour market were minimal, and survey results demonstrating that basic income recipients had better subjective well-being can be questio...