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We have updated our recommendation on the use of protective face masks. This update lists the main points. You can find the full update on our website. 👇 General: 🔹We strongly recommend using protective face masks for anyone who visits public University premises 🔹Safe social distancing must always be observed whenever possible to prevent exposure Teaching, studying, guidance & supervision: 🔹In contact teaching, independent study & guidance and supervision situations, mask use is recommended 🔹In laboratory teaching, mask use is required 🔹We will obtain the masks for teachers & students involved in contact teaching Traineeships: 🔹In traineeships, trainees should observe the safety and security guidelines of the traineeship organisation Research & other work: We recommend mask use when 🔹safe distances cannot be observed 🔹a large amount of people are present in the facilities Masks should be used in all research requiring personal contact. We provide the masks needed in the professional duties of our staff. We ask members of our community, visitors and partners to take the extended mask recommendation seriously and comply with it, unless there are special health-related reasons for not wearing a mask. The response centres will assist in interpreting the recommendation as needed.
Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki | University of Helsinki l.facebook.com

Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki