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We have updated our corona guidelines. These decisions are valid from 30.11.2020 to 10.10.2121 due to the worsened COVID situation. This post is a summary. Always find our complete COVID guidelines on this webpage. 👇 https://www.helsinki.fi/en/news/coronavirus-situation-at-the-university-of-helsinki?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social_owned&utm_campaign=korona Premises 🔹University premises will be closed 🔹Electronic access rights of staff will remain operational 🔹On each campus, a building with porter services will be made available 🔹Wearing a protective face mask is required on University premises, unless you are alone 🔹Independent study facilities will be closed 🔹Think Corner will be closed 🔹Computer rooms will be close 🔹UniTube studios will be available Events, teaching, examinations 🔹No events or gatherings will be held on University premises 🔹This does not apply to necessary teaching and examination sessions permitted by response centres, or other absolutely necessary meetings of no more than 10 individuals Work 🔹Whenever possible, all work must be done remotely 🔹In laboratory work, a registration procedure is to be used, and work must be planned in observance of safety and security guidelines Public examinations of doctoral theses 🔹Public examinations cannot be held on site 🔹In online examinations, only specified (check our website) people may be present on site 🔹The maximum occupancy of individual rooms is 10 people Libraries 🔹Helsinki University Library locations will be closed, except the Kaisa House library 🔹Collection-based lending and returning services will be organised at Kaisa House and the National Library of Finland 🔹In other respects, the National Library will also be closed Museums 🔹The University Museum will be closed to the public until 20.12.2020 🔹The Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus will be closed to the public until 20.12.2020 🔹The Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden outdoor area will not be closed Unisport 🔹All of UniSport’s exercise and customer service facilities will be closed until 20 December 2020 The next info session for the University community on the coronavirus situation will be held on Monday, 30 November from 9.00 to 11.00.
Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki | University of Helsinki l.facebook.com

Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki