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Some of our most popular news this year: 1. A dancer’s brain develops in a unique way https://bit.ly/2Lqikj7 2. Kirsti Lonka: Education lifted Finland out of poverty, but we need to keep developing to remain at the cutting edge https://bit.ly/2Lqg6Ar 3. Personalised leukaemia treatment and faster adoption of new drugs: four breakthroughs leading towards more effective cancer treatment https://bit.ly/2ScBf3s 4. The first-ever insect vaccine PrimeBEE helps bees stay healthy https://bit.ly/2R9rupB 5. Researchers propose five distinct types of diabetes https://bit.ly/2R3L1I3 6. Northern peatlands will store more carbon as the planet warms https://bit.ly/2LsMu5x 7. Finnish study shows that most common shoulder operation is no more beneficial than placebo surgery https://bit.ly/2A6CUAC 8. Unknown disorders suffered by thousands – who will defeat mitochondrial diseases? https://bit.ly/2pej5C2 9. Psychiatric disorders share an underlying genetic basis https://bit.ly/2Ls27Kp 10. Finland is challenging the entire world to understand AI by offering a completely free online course - initiative got 1 % of the Finnish population to study the basics https://bit.ly/2Se3X44
A dancer’s brain develops in a unique way | University of Helsinki helsinki.fi

Music activates our deeper brain areas, but what happens in a dancer’s brain?