Facebook post by University of Helsinki

If you really want to understand trees in their natural conditions, and like to climb trees, tree ecophysiology could be your thing. Meet Teemu Paljakka, an ecophysiologist who studies tree functions and trees’ interaction with their environment. It’s relatively easy to set desired conditions for given research aims in greenhouses. But, to really understand how trees work, you also need field studies, Teemu says. Field studies may also require reaching the canopies in tall trees. Luckily, the SMEAR 2 station at Hyytiälä forestry field station features towers that help reach the tree canopies. The station enables continuous measurements of ecosystem gas exchange, tree growth, water status and volatile emissions in mature trees. Teemu’s most recent research deals with understanding how stress, such as drought or forest pests, affect the vitality of trees and their carbon uptake now, in the current climate, and in the climate of the future. Teemu’s team collaborates globally with other researchers in many ways, for example by using open databases for tree measurements. Want to know more about Teemu’s research? Take a look at his research group's website: https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/researchgroups/ecosystem-processes?utm_medium=social_owned&utm_source=facebook