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Contact teaching at the University of Helsinki to be suspended from 18 March to 13 April 2020. Further information on the measures to be taken by the University of Helsinki will be provided on Tuesday, 17 March, at approximately 12.00. 🔹The Finnish government has recommended that the facilities used by universities be closed down until 13 April 2020 and that contact teaching provided in such facilities be suspended. 🔹Teaching and supervision will be provided, to the greatest extent possible, by using alternative methods, such as distance learning, various digital learning environments and solutions and, where necessary, independent learning solutions. 🔹In their preparations, universities must do their part to ensure the smooth provision of the necessary support services and online connections as well as sufficient guidance to students and staff. 🔹The government has recommended that public-sector employers instruct employees to telecommute if their work allows it. At the University of Helsinki, this will be ensured through agreements with supervisors. 🔹The University of Helsinki will prepare detailed practical instructions as of Tuesday morning, 17 March. The new arrangements will take effect on Wednesday, 18 March 2020. Find the latest & full decisions on our website.
Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki | University of Helsinki helsinki.fi

Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki