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“One of the best features of the University of Helsinki is that there is no hierarchy between the students and professors. Questions are more than welcome and professors are interested in their students’ thoughts and opinions.” Anna Nikandrova is a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki and as part of her studies, she teaches in the Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences (ATM-MP). It’s a vast field for all natural scientists that deals with matters of global concern like climate change, urban air quality and extreme weather. The programme gives you the knowledge and skills to find innovative solutions in the field of environmental sciences, climate change and weather forecasting. You can apply to our International Master’s Programmes as of 3 December 2018 until 11 January 2019.
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How to prevent hurricane disasters? Society urgently needs experts with a multidisciplinary education in atmospheric and Earth System sciences. Climate change, urban air quality and extreme weather are matters of global concern which science cannot yet completely explain. Thus, more scientific resea...