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We have updated our guidelines regarding the coronavirus situation on Tuesday 17 March. These instructions will be effective from 18 March until 31 May at least. Please see the whole text and the latest information on our website. Studying and teaching 🔹Remote teaching from 18 March to 13 April. 🔹Recommendation that remote teaching continues until the end of the spring term on 31 May 2020. 🔹Some teaching may have to be cancelled. 🔹Faculties will issue guidelines to degree programmes. 🔹UniTube studios will remain operational. 🔹The University will strive to keep its electronic exam rooms (Examinarium facilities) open. Transition period 🔹Deadline for graduating with the old degree requirements will be extended until 18 December 2020. Practical studies, traineeships and exchange studies 🔹The Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine can use exceptional solutions to organise practical studies. 🔹The University recommends that its exchange students return to Finland. 🔹Teaching practices are cancelled. 🔹Other traineeships depending on the instructions of each employer. 🔹Traineeships can be postponed or cancelled. 🔹University-funded traineeships outside Finland cancelled until 31 May. 🔹The safety of staff and students must be guaranteed through appropriate facility and hygiene arrangements. 🔹The upper limit of people for meetings is 10 people. Public examinations of doctoral theses 🔹Can be held as long as the restrictions on the number of attendees (max. 10) are observed. 🔹Opponents and audience can attend through a remote link. 🔹Faculties can postpone public examinations of doctoral theses. Fee-paying degree students 🔹Fee-paying degree students who are close to graduation can, if necessary, continue their studies in the autumn. Telecommuting 🔹University's staff will telecommute. 🔹If necessary, research, distance teaching arrangements and related support activities may also be carried out in the University premises. 🔹Specialist and support staff will use the University premises for work that cannot be performed while telecommuting. 🔹For high-risk groups, solutions will be sought to minimise their exposure. They need not present a separate medical certificate. University premises 🔹The University premises will be locked but available to staff, and normal access rights will apply. 🔹No visitors will be allowed. 🔹Each campus will have at least one building open for deliveries and other services. 🔹The University’s public attractions, including Think Corner and the UniSport will be closed to 13 April 2020. 🔹The borrowing of library resources required for teaching and research will be ensured. 🔹Further information on library websites. Changes to flexible working hours 🔹Staff can work more flexibly, on weekdays between 5.00 and 22.00 and on Saturdays until 18.00. This will enable working in two shifts, if necessary. Leave 🔹Annual leave for 2019 must be taken by 31 May 2020 in accordance with regular leave instructions. Maintain a sense of community 🔹Telecommuting is a shared challenge for the University community. Everyone’s contribution is important to ensure the maintenance of a sense of community. 🔹Share good practices and create a virtual staff room for breaks during the working day.
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Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki