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The preservation and cultivation of natural carbon sinks and reservoirs provided by forests are among the key means of eliminating carbon from the atmosphere. There is no other ‘technology’ that is as widespread and reliable, and which even offers other benefits at the same time, including preventing erosion, protecting water resources and providing recreation and experiences for all in equal measure. How can the ingenious mechanisms of forest nature be put to as effective use as possible? On the one hand, the answer is complex, on the other, simple: by ensuring the functioning of diverse forest ecosystems. Only diverse ecosystems are resilient enough to face the risks posed by climate change. We also need to take care of the long-term persistence of forest carbon sinks and reservoirs.
Northern forests help curb climate change, but only if we preserve their diversity | University of Helsinki www.helsinki.fi

As effective carbon sequesters, forests have a key role in curbing climate change. We have ways of safeguarding the diversity of forests and protecting their carbon sink and reservoir mechanisms, writes Professor Jaana Bäck.