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Are your future plans green? Are you looking into moving to the next level in your studies, research or professional career? Join the Future is Made in Finland webinar series episode V: ‘Sustainable Solutions’ facilitated by the University of Helsinki on 17 November. Keynote Presentations - Markku Kulmala, Academy Professor – 'Climate change, air quality and their interactions' - Sasu Tarkoma, Professor – 'Environmental sensing at scale with 5G and AI' Read more and sign up now for free: https://www.studyinfinland.fi/future-is-made-in-finland-2021/programme/episode-V
Webinar 2021 Episode V: Sustainable Solutions www.studyinfinland.fi

How to use data to design healthy and ecological urban environments for everyone? Why are interactions between climate change and air quality important? How to develop sustainable products and innovations for the future? In this webinar, you will meet the world’s leading scientists and learn how t...