Facebook post by University of Helsinki

Amazing new architecture, innovatively testing new methods of sustainable wood construction? Yes! 🤩 But also "living laboratories" of cutting-edge wood construction research on two continents! Our own Living Lab is going to be finished this year at the Hyytiälä research station. A network of sensors can be added to solid wood buildings during construction to measure structural properties such as humidity variations and temperatures. Measurements can even be taken beginning at the factory, before the walls are even on site, let alone erected. The state-of-the-art Living lab that we are building at our Hyytiälä research station will not be the only one of its kind. The research and measurement network also includes other state-of-the-art wooden buildings! The four new buildings at Hyytiälä will be completed later this year, Peavy Hall at Oregon State University, the pinnacle of forestry science, was completed in 2019 and the InnoRenew CoE research facility in Slovenia in 2021. Building with wood will help us meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and mitigate climate change. Research in wood construction helps find the most sustainable materials and energy solutions. It increases knowledge about the impact of construction on climate, environment and health.