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“The human brain is often said to be the most complex system in the world. It’s exciting to get an idea of how much is currently understood about its structure, function and development — just as it is exciting to realise how much more there still is we don’t know about it.” Juha Voipio is the Programme Director for the Master’s Programme in Neuroscience. It is an interdisciplinary field of science that studies the brain and the entire nervous system at different levels of organisation, from genes and molecules to nerve cells and networks. In the end, we are conscious, we sense, we feel and we act just because of our brains. As a neuroscientist, you can work in many fields such as the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, education, public policy, science writing and publishing. You can apply to our International Master’s Programmes as of 3 December 2018 until 11 January 2019.
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The Master's Programme in Neuroscience at the University of Helsinki, 2017