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That night a storm was brewing somewhere near the North Pole. A particularly raw wind blew over the ice floes. Moored to one of them was the icebreaker and research vessel, the Polarstern. Tiia Laurila, a doctoral student of ours and one of the Finnish members on the team specialised in atmospheric research, was still excited, despite the momentary ordeal of the weather conditions. The University of Helsinki participated in the project in 2020 together with a Swiss research group. The data gathered will be freely available in 2022.
Arctic storms in the land of polar bears – a young particle scientist goes on the work trip of a lifetime | University of Helsinki l.facebook.com

An atmospheric sciences atmosphere expedition spent a year in the Arctic Ocean researching air comparable in purity to the air of the preindustrial era. Climate change was also present as ice melted beneath the research camp.