Facebook post by University of Helsinki

We have updated our COVID guidelines. Subjects include teaching in the 3rd period, self-study facilities, exams, events & facilities. This post includes a summary. You can always find our full guidelines on this page. 👇 https://www.helsinki.fi/en/news/coronavirus-situation?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social_owned&utm_campaign=korona Teaching in the third period 🔹In the 3rd period, teaching will be primarily remote. 🔹Faculties will make decisions on necessary contact teaching. 🔹Contact teaching can be arranged for groups of max 25 people. Self-study facilities & exams 🔹Sufficient and spacious self-study facilities will be ensured for students on all campuses. 🔹Exams can be held on site or online as planned, while ensuring spaciousness of facilities and a restricted number of participants. Events 🔹Response centres will provide guidelines for planning conferment ceremonies. Facilities 🔹External renters of facilities must ensure compliance with official regulations.