Facebook post by University of Helsinki

Food for the brain: top 10 research news on the University of Helsinki website this year 10. Smiling human faces are attractive to dogs – thanks to oxytocin https://goo.gl/HjgkJK 9. What does kindergarten teach our children? https://goo.gl/62j21n 8. Researchers may have found out the meaning of ancient geometric earthworks in southwestern Amazonia https://goo.gl/k59uVZ 7. Chasing a precise pill https://goo.gl/Ma1Sr3 6. A new study confirms: pregnant women should avoid liquorice https://goo.gl/SPTSz7 5. Antibiotics – the End of the World or a Revolution? https://goo.gl/atmMkp 4. Empathetic people experience dogs’ expressions more strongly https://goo.gl/6TYDeu 3. Smallpox virus found in a child’s mummy changes our view of the history of the killer disease https://goo.gl/vsMjcf 2. A dancer’s brain develops in a unique way https://goo.gl/UdMKSf 1. Common cold duration is shortened similarly by zinc acetate and zinc gluconate lozenges https://goo.gl/6gqXQS See also top 10 in Finnish https://goo.gl/CKymvU and in Swedish https://goo.gl/Zqk8yL, the list is not the same.