Facebook post by University of Helsinki

Throwback to summer 😍 and the 113th annual forestry field course of 9-weeks at the Hyytiälä forestry station! 🙌 Some highlights of what the students learned this year were measurement principles and techniques, the ecophysiology of trees, what identifies a natural forest, various possibilities of tree processing. 🤔 Together, we also tried out controlled burning in practice. Our first forestry students to arrive at the Hyytiälä station came in 1910. 🧐 Since then, a new batch of students has arrived every year to learn about forest economy and marketing, forest ecology, forest care, forest technology and administration of forest reserves. The field course is a mandatory part of bachelor’s studies in forestry. Students usually take the Hyytiälä field course in the summer after their fresher year. We arrange for their lodging in the buildings of the research station, which allows for easy access to learning about different aspects of forestry in the surrounding area.🚶 We were as excited as always to show the students Hyytiälä’s SMEAR II measurement station. 🤩 It monitors a plethora of variables related to e.g. forest ecophysiology and productivity, soil and water balance, meteorology, solar and terrestrial radiation, fluxes, ambient concentrations, atmospheric aerosols, deposition and other environmental phenomena. While the days were filled with lectures and learning in the field, the evenings were great for the students to learn to know each other better. Especially after a rough COVID year, going to sauna and swimming in the evenings was a real joy! ❤️ Unfortunately, the traditional big party for all current and former forestry students was still off the table due to the pandemic. Photos by Jemina Lehmuskoski, except aerial photos & sauna photo.