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Meet the teacher! In 2013, Xin Tang had just received a master’s degree in psychology and was excited about the next step on his path to academia – PhD studies in Finland. A bit anxious about the future, but determined to become an educational psychologist, Xin took a selfie a few days before departure to remember the moment. Today, Xin is a researcher and an educational psychologist teaching in the Master’s Programme in Changing Education. “I encourage interaction when learning. Everyone has their own knowledge as a basis and through collaboration students get to co-construct new understanding.” You can apply to our 36 International Master’s Programmes from 1 Dec 2021 to 5 Jan 2022 (for studies starting in autumn 2022).
Changing Education | Master's programme | University of Helsinki www.helsinki.fi

In the programme, you get an understanding of education as a dynamic and transformable construct from the individual neural level to global policies.