Facebook post by University of Helsinki

We have updated our coronavirus guidelines. Subjects include: teaching, studying, work, premises, libraries, doctoral defences. This post includes the latest main decisions in brief. You can always find the complete latest guidelines on this page. 👇 https://www.helsinki.fi/en/news/coronavirus-situation?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social_owned&utm_campaign=korona Teaching & studying 🔹Remote teaching until 31 July 2021 apart from exceptions. 🔹Next autumn's teaching is being planned so that contact teaching can be organised for groups of limited sizes. 🔹Student services on the campuses will resume in stages starting on 17 May. Work 🔹The stricter remote work provisions end on 9 May. 🔹The remote work recommendation is valid from 10 May to 31 July 2021 🔹More detailed guidelines for the autumn will be announced in June. Premises 🔹Will continue to be opened to a certain degree according to need. 🔹Summer opening hours are valid until 15 August. 🔹Until 16 May, gatherings of more than 6 people in the same space must be avoided on our premises, except in necessary teaching or exam situations. Self-access facilities 🔹We are preparing to open self-access facilities starting 17 May in accordance with our recovery plan. 🔹Use of these facilities will be restricted to ensure safety. 🔹Aleksandria is affected by entrance exams and can be opened on 9 June at the earliest. Libraries 🔹Library services can begin to resume as of 17 May. Doctoral defences 🔹will be held online until 16 May. 🔹can be held on site only with special permission. We recommend planning defences online 🔹 until 30 June 2021. 🔹 in the autumn as well, because the corona situation of autumn cannot be foreseen in detail. In opening any facilities, we take into consideration the guidelines and safety regulations of the coronavirus coordination group of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.