Facebook post by University of Helsinki

We have updated our corona guidelines. Subjects: premises, remote work, face masks, teaching, public examinations of doctoral theses. This is a summary. Always find our complete COVID guidelines on this page. 👇 https://www.helsinki.fi/en/news/coronavirus-situation-at-the-university-of-helsinki?utm_source=Facebook-&utm_medium=social_owned&utm_campaign=korona *** Premises 🔹University premises will remain closed until 14 March 2021. 🔹As far as libraries, museums and UniSport are concerned, we will observe the recommendations of the coronavirus coordination group of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Remote work 🔹The recommendation to telecommute is continued until 30 June 2021. 🔹A stricter policy for telecommuting as much as is possible continues until 14 March 2021. 🔹The recommendation to wear a face mask is valid until further notice. Teaching 🔹Remote teaching continues until 14.3.2021. 🔹Only relevant response centres may grant permissions for contact teaching. 🔹Examinarium examinations can be arranged according to this spring’s teaching programme, provided that group sizes are kept as small as possible. Public examinations of doctoral theses 🔹will be arranged remotely until 14 March 2021 🔹are recommended to be planned as primarily remote until 30 June 2021 🔹may only be arranged on-site at special permission by the relevant response centre.