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Lost in Finland? - Info sessions for international staff & visitors 3.2., 10.2. and 17.2.2016 Are you constantly wondering are there any possibilities to learn Finnish while in Finland, do you want to attend sports session organized by Unisport but don’t know how and what’s it like or are you spending time thinking what could Helsinki offer for me on my freetime? A "Lost in Finland" info session is launched to provide guidance to all international staff members of the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. The info point will pop up at the Töölö Towers three times in February and service will be provided online as well. Individual guidance for international staff is given out by specialists from the University of Helsinki & Aalto University. The info session offers various activities at the Töölö Towers: learn how to study Finnish, find out how to attend a sports session or hear about leisure time opportunities in Helsinki. Be there to meet your international colleagues and to ask all the things you wanted to know ever since you arrived! More information and sign-up: 3.2.2016 Theme | Free-time in Helsinki by the City of Helsinki | guidance face-to-face and online. https://www.lyyti.in/Lost_in_Finland__Info_Session_for_International_Staff__Visitors_5275 10.2.2016 Theme | Studying Finnish by the University of Helsinki language services | guidance face-to-face and online. https://www.lyyti.in/Lost_in_Finland__Info_Session_fo_International_Staff__Visitors_8261 17.2.2016 Theme | Sports opportunities by Unisport | guidance face-to-face and online. https://www.lyyti.in/Lost_in_Finland__Info_Session_fo_International_Staff__Visitors_2575 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also save the date for these upcoming events: • Experiencing Finland 8.3.2016 • Welcome to the University 9.3.2016 • Finnish Working Culture 13.4.2016
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