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Meet the teacher! In 1996, Alex Bunker was in the middle of his PhD studies in computational physics and spent the summer as a visiting researcher in the coastal city of Rostock, Germany. He took part in a project dealing with a completely different area of physics and realized that in doing so, he had developed a toolkit for tackling many problems in multiple disciplines. Today, Alex is a researcher teaching in the Master’s Programme in Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Safety. “One should not be afraid to jump to a different field of science wherein their knowledge can be applied in new and innovative ways.” Applications are currently open to our 36 International Master’s Programmes for studies starting in autumn 2022. The deadline to apply is on 5 Jan 2022.
Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Safety Master's Programme | University of Helsinki www.helsinki.fi

The programme focuses on the study, development and safety of drugs and pharmacotherapy.