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“This must be Hell,” Vincezo Cerullo noted to a physician on the cancer ward for small children after his 1-year-old developed cancer. “Far from it. This is one of the few places where miracles still happen,” the physician responded. Cerullo’s son is now a healthy 9-year-old, and Cerullo himself develops new treatments for cancer as a professor of biological drug development. The experience reinforced Cerullo’s faith in Finland and Finnish healthcare. “I still find it hard to believe how good and competent the treatment was that we received through the public healthcare system, without breaking the bank to boot.”
Gratitude spurs Professor Vincenzo Cerullo to develop a cure for cancer | University of Helsinki helsinki.fi

How can we trick the immune system into seeing tumours as infections? This is a question on the mind of Vincenzo Cerullo, a recently appointed professor at the University of Helsinki.