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Art Room classes are back in session! Coming up during November and December: ✏️ Croquis and live model drawing evenings open to everyone ✏️ Art Room student nights, which are intended for students of the University of Helsinki (also doctoral students). Student nights are free of charge! You can sign up for one or more nights. Enrollment for all courses for the end of the year begins on Monday 22 November at 10 AM. Registration links can be found on the Art Room website: https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/helsinki-university-museum/art-room/courses-and-registration Student nights feature ✏️ live model drawing ✏️ croquis drawing ✏️ plaster drawing and a drawing trip to the University Main building, which has recently reopened after the renovation. Student nights are excellent introductions for those students who haven't yet taken part in the Art Room courses, but also Art Room veterans are welcome. The teacher is drawing master Vappu Rossi, and on the Main Building drawing trip, art historian Ville Hakanen provides expert knowledge. The weekly student courses of the drawing hall will begin in 2022. There are also interesting intensive episodes and trip destinations coming up for students as well as the general public! Follow the accounts of the Art Room to spot upcoming events and courses. 👇 Instagram: @universityofhelsinkiartroom FB: Helsingin yliopiston Piirustussali • University of Helsinki Art Room Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hel_Uni_ArtRoom