Facebook post by University of Helsinki

What would it take to revolutionise the dominant food economy in a sustainable and fair way? "A society based on monetary and growth economy just can't be sustainable. We need a complete paradigm shift in economy", says Galina Kallio. Galina is an ethnographer, who studies human-soil relations, invisible work, and what kinds of livelihoods are possible in regenerative agriculture. She wants to find solutions to the real root causes of the ongoing ecological crises. Participant observation is Galina’s main research method. In other words, she participates in the work on selected farms, talks to and spends time with the farmers and other workers while documenting everything meticulously. In that way, she can better understand the viewpoints of the people who are actually working in agriculture. Galina’s current research provides better insight into what farmers are doing in regenerative agriculture. What are their motivations, and what are they trying to achieve? Ultimately, Galina is interested in soil practices and farming solutions that radically challenge the dominant agriculture and advance transformation in the dominant food economy "We already know a lot about dealing with the symptoms of the global ecological crisis, but we need more insight into treating the root causes. That’s what my research is all about", Galina says. Galina’s research also gives a stronger voice in the world of research and makes visible the work that people are already doing on small, pioneering and diversified regenerative farms. Want to know more? Check out Galina's website! 👇 https://galinakallio.fi/english/