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Meet the teacher! In 1990, Michael Jeltsch was a freshman student of molecular life sciences in need of a passport picture. He decided to save money by taking the photo himself, but this image in question did not meet the official requirements. A few years later and with a new passport in hand, exchange studies led him to the University of Helsinki. Today, Michael is a researcher and an associate professor teaching in the Master’s Programme in Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Safety. “Students need to find a topic that excites them. As a teacher, I am showing the students possible topics to be fascinated by, and at the same time convey my own passion for research.” Applications are currently open to our 36 International Master’s Programmes for studies starting in autumn 2022. The deadline to apply is on 5 Jan 2022.
Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Safety Master's Programme | University of Helsinki www.helsinki.fi

The programme offers the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive overview of the life cycle of drugs and their use.