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In 2009, Annika Laakso’s husband Ville was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer. Even thought cancer research is advancing at a dizzying speed, in the case of rare diseases, expertise hangs by the thinnest of threads. That's why Laakso's family decided to launch a #cycle4sarcoma campaign to support sarcoma research. Ville succumbed to sarcoma in July 2019. Running the campaign and donating funds made what they lived through feel like it has some meaning. – Our children are now 10 and 14. I’ve told them that their father has left an indelible mark. You may not yet understand it, but at some point you will.
My husband’s rare cancer encouraged us to support related research | University of Helsinki helsinki.fi

Rare diseases such as sarcoma require further research and medical education. Proceeds of the Laakso family’s campaign will be allocated specifically to research focused on sarcoma.