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Coronavirus: we have declared an exceptional situation due to the coronavirus. On the linked page, you can always find the latest information. Here are the decisions taken on 12.3. in brief. There may be more decisions and the decisions may change. The following decisions will enter into force on 16.3. and will remain in force at least until 31.5. If you have any questions, please check the linked page first, and if you are a student or staff member, please also check Flamma or Instructions for Students. *Travel* 🔹Work- and study-related trips abroad are banned 🔹Travelling in Finland should be avoided 🔹The University is not sending its students on exchange studies 🔹Students currently on an exchange abroad will not be called home 🔹Members of the University community returning from abroad must telecommute for 7 days after their return 🔹During these 7 days, it is forbidden for them to work or study on the University premises *Visitors* 🔹We will not receive visitors from abroad 🔹We will not receive international students Faculties may make an exception in the case of opponents at public examinations of doctoral theses, if the examination cannot be arranged remotely. *Public events and teaching sessions* 🔹Planned public events at the University will be cancelled and no new events will be organised 🔹No more than 50 people are allowed to be present in classes and other events at the University, including course examinations and public examinations of doctoral theses: Faculties will provide more detailed instructions on this matter. *Compulsory attendance in teaching* 🔹Regulations concerning compulsory attendance in teaching are abolished 🔹Degree programmes will decide on alternative procedures for teaching 🔹The Faculty of Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine and The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine may diverge from this provision 🔹Students’ flexible progress must be promoted *Entrance examinations* 🔹The Finnish Government has banned all public events with more than 500 attendeesS 🔹Preparations for entrance examinations are currently based on the principle of allowing a maximum of 500 people to be present in one space 🔹Plans are being made to organise entrance examinations in collaboration between universities *Independent study* 🔹We urge students are urged to study at home and to avoid using shared study facilities at the University 🔹The computer facilities at Aleksandria Learning Centre will be closed *Coronavirus situation leadership* 🔹Authorised by the rector, the coronavirus management team will make all University-specific decisions and issue any regulations necessary 🔹We observe the recommendations and provisions issued by the Government, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) as well as the National Institute for Health and Welfare. https://www.helsinki.fi/en/news/coronavirus-situation-at-the-university-of-helsinki?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social_owned&utm_campaign=korona
Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki | University of Helsinki helsinki.fi

Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki