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"You need to have a broad understanding how society works really to understand it, so you need breadth in your Master's studies, which our courses give you. However, you also need in-depth knowledge of particular areas of contemporary societies and the programme gives you that too." David Inglis is Professor in the International Master's Programme in Contemporary Societies at the University of Helsinki. The multidisciplinary, research-based programme focuses on the key themes in the dynamics of contemporary societies, both in a European and a global context. You can specialise in Sociology, Social and Public Policy, Social Psychology, Social and Cultural Anthropology or Development Studies. You can apply to our International Master’s Programmes as of 3 December 2018 until 11 January 2019.
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Societies are becoming increasingly diverse, change rapidly and are confronted with inequalities. In this Master's Programme, you become an expert in the analysis of these dynamics in contemporary societies.