Facebook post by University of Helsinki

Throwback to some wintery scenes from Lapland! ❄️🏔️ This is Jenni Hultman. Jenni is a microbiologist who, together with her research group, studies how soil microbes respond to the changing climate. One research location of Jenni’s group is Kilpisjärvi research station in Lapland. The group has been collecting soil samples during both summer – surrounded by reindeer and mosquitos – and winter, deep under the snow. In Lapland, the snow covers the ground for 8 months of the year! Snow insulates the ground, which prevents freezing and keeps microbes active. Jenni’s team takes their samples to our research laboratories, isolates DNA and RNA, and then sequences them. Sequence analytics is the most time-consuming part of the research. The group figures out what kinds of microbes the samples contain, what the microbes do and which of them are active. Jenni is especially interested in the microbes that produce or use greenhouse gases. We haven’t previously known functions for most of these microbes. The work of Jenni and her research group helps us understand how they are going to react, when the climate warms up. Want to know more? ➡️ https://www.helsinki.fi/en/news/life-sciences/life-hidden-within-thawing-permafrost-how-does-climate-change-affect-microbes?utm_medium=social_owned&utm_source=facebook