Why do we need "fat" in our food?🏃 ♂️☀️💪🧡💪☀️🤸 ♀️ We need fat, lipids for... 🧡 fat-soluble vitamins 🧡 essential fatty acids 🧡 energy 🤾 ♀️ reactions 🤸 ♀️ aroma 🤾 ♀️ taste 💪technological properties 💪color & 💪mouthfeel! So cool to know!🤸 ♀️☀️💭 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Miksi tarvitsemme "rasvaa" ruoassamme? 🏃 ♂️☀️💪🧡💪☀️🤸 ♀️ Tarvitsemme rasvoja eli lipidejä... 🧡 rasvaliukoisiin vitamiineihin 🧡 välttämättömiin rasvahappoihin 🧡 energiaksi 🤾 ♀️ reaktioihin 🤸 ♀️ aromiin 🤾 ♀️ makuun 💪 teknologisiin ominaisuuksiin 💪 väriin & 💪 suutuntumaan! Niin hienoa ymmärtää lisää!🤸 ♀️☀️💭
Christine Daigle, Director of the Posthumanism Research Institute and Professor of Philosophy, was chosen from nearly 400 applicants for one of just 10 fellowship positions at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies at the University of Helsinki in Finland. “I’m stunned,” says Daigle of the fellowship. “I knew it was competitive, but I had no idea it was that competitive.” The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies’ core fellowship program brings together researchers from the humanities, social sciences, behavioural sciences, theology and law, as well as those in fields whose topics relate to the human sciences. The program provides fellows with assistance in relocating to Helsinki, as well as travel and research funds so they can focus on their work and participate in the Collegium’s events. Daigle will be using her year-long fellowship beginning Aug. 17 to finalize the research for and write her new book. “It is exciting because this is a very vibrant and interdisciplinary research centre with fellows from different disciplines and countries, weekly research seminars, and regular talks and events,” she says. “I will also be able to collaborate with folks from the University of Helsinki as well as Turku University [also in Finland].” Daigle’s research explores the human connection to the natural world and human vulnerability. Her work draws on philosophy, feminist theory and cultural theory, as well as biology, ecology and physics. As heirs to the Enlightenment and Humanism, she says, we are used to thinking of humans as exceptional and separate from non-human nature and the world we live in, seeing ourselves as rational and in control of our world as a resource. Daigle’s work will examine how we conceptualize the idea of humanity, our vulnerability and how we are interconnected with non-human life, as well as contribute to the ongoing discussions of human interconnectivity and environmental thinking. ---- #brocku #brockuniversity #brockuphilosophy #interdisciplinaryhumanities #philosophy #postshumanism #universityofhelsinki #helsinkicollegium #posthumanismresearchinstitute
Pasta salad for dinner😋 The 2nd pic is the ingredients for dressing. Olive oil didn’t make it to the camera frame, but it’s necessary. 😎 The grape vinegar and olive oil are the main flavor. Leave it in the refrigerator for a bit, and it is great food for a hot day. 夜ご飯のパスタサラダ。2番目はドレッシングに使った材料で+オリーブオイルです。和風ドレッシングは少量でブドウ酢を大量に。暑い日なんかは冷やしておけば食が進みます😁 #フィンランド暮らし #フィンランド生活 #料理男子 #cookingathome #phdstudentlife📚 #universityofhelsinki #ヘルシンキ大学 #博士号取るぞ #ヘルシンキ生活
Hei uusi opiskelija! Oletko asuntoa vailla?🏡 Meillä metsäylioppilailla on mahdollisuus hakea edullista opiskelija-asuntoa Metsäylioppilaiden asuntolasäätiön kerrostaloista, jotka sijaitsevat Viikissä aivan kampuksen ja opiskelijaelämän läheisyydessä! Jotta saat mahdollisen uuden asuntosi ennen opiskelujen alkua, lähetäthän hakemuksesi heinäkuun loppuun mennessä. 📝 Lomakkeen ja muut tiedot löydät silvica.fi. 📌 Uusille opiskelijoille tarkoitetun FB-ryhmän löydät nimellä Metsäfuksit 2020. Käy liittymässä! Lisää infoa myöhemmin sähköpostitse! #metsätieteet#helsinginyliopisto
Helka library database will take its first summer vacation in almost 20 years starting Thursday July 16th. 🌞😎 The entire library platform will be renewed by the beginning of August. During the service break ⚠️ you can not check-out or reserve print books or access your customer details in Helka. You can, however, return books to the Kaisa House during the opening hours. They will be returned in the system only after Helka is once again operational. Ypu can search and browse of all the collections in Helka and access electronic content. 😅 Patience, the future looks bright! 👌 #Helkalomalla #helkassemester #servicebreak #käyttökatko #WeAreHelsinkiUni