Think Corner is a meeting place for research, the public and society located in the heart of Helsinki. We welcome everyone to see, hear about and experience University research.

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Think Corner, University of Helsinki был открыт осенью 2017. Открытый уголок мышления, вдохновляющий к встречам, общению между студентами и гостями/жителями Хельсинки. Суть победившего дизайна JKMM - это открытость, многофункциональные пространства. Одна из наиболее важных целей архитектуры состояла в том, чтобы создать расслабленное, источающее комфорт пространство, которое побуждает людей войти внутрь и чувствовать себя непринужденно. Естественно, выбор материалов играет ключевую роль: было принято решение использовать большое количество деревянных поверхностей, чтобы создать ощущение тепла. Обширные деревянные поверхности приносят тепло и ощущение человека в пространствах разного масштаба. Древесина обыкновенная финская сосна. #nordicarchitecture #helsinki #thinkcorner #detailsofhelsinki #universety
I didn't sleep on the plane at all and travelling from west to east meant that both sunset and sunrise came earlier than we were prepared. But I did see movies I haven't had a chance to see yet. Finnair had such a great service overall, I can't criticise a thing. We landed at 10am and I wasn't tired that much, because I was so excited to explore Helsinki. . . . . . At the train station and on the train to the centre I immediately noticed the cleanliness and modernism of infrastructures. It didn't even bother me I couldn't understand a thing, such a crazy but somehow mesmerising language when spoken by orgasmic voice on the speaker. I mean literally I felt like I was listening to the erotic audiobook narrated by younger Morgan Freeman. I almost forgot to get out of the train. I went out of the station and there was like five historical buildings accompanied by modern versions, but not in a distractive way. I entered the modern looking one and found out it was a public library and open studying place for students of all ages. Workshops, free 3D printing machines for you too use, computers with many screens if you were into painting, studios for recording, soundproof workplaces for groups, I mean I felt in love immediately and started thinking of going here for my master's degree. 😯 The whole town was clean, clear sky and sunny warm weather was helping to achieve nirvana for sure. I visited cathedrals, natural history museum was a must in every city 😂 and for transport I was using electric scooters which was such a fun way for discovering these places. The first car that saw me on any zebra stopped right away to let me cross the street. I didn't see any local using phone on the street, I was like on a different planet. They are cherishing everything in the city, they don't want to give up on anything they have and if something happens they fight. Then I went on a nearby island, so... 999 to go 😂. . . . . . . . . Then at 8pm. I met TOMI, my last couchsurfing host. Such an artist, activist, poet, charizmatic man with ambitions. We ate, talked, drank and went to bed at 11pm. I had to wake up at 6am to catch my last plane to Wien. 😭 I love Helsinki the most ♥️♥️♥️
Uusi perjantaikohteemme Kluuvin K4-salissa on korkattu! Ensin honbulaiset olivat hieman ujoja, mutta lopulta innostuivat tutkailemaan salin ominaisuuksia. Konsensus arvosanasta on 3/5. Ja kappas vain, tämä oli julkaisu numero 300! #karate #kluuvi #tiedekulma #thinkcorner #kickboxing #potkunyrkkeily #boxing #nyrkkeily #itsepuolustus #selfdefence #koryuuchinadi #unisport #helsinginyliopisto