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ThrowbackThirstday? 😏 This picture was taken yesterday at Thirstday Beer, an event organized by the ETH Zurich Environmental Science Student union UFO every Thursday. It's organized at the green floor of CHN, the main building of my faculty. At daytime, this same space acts as a study spot and cafeteria, and all around it are classrooms. Strange, isn't it? While I've been here I've been positively surprised on how welcome I've felt although I'm an exchange student. That must be partly because ETH Zurich is a very international university and especially the Master's programs are all in English. Already on the first week exchange students were welcomed to all the faculty events such as welcome Apéro and a hiking weekend in the mountains. Since then I've visited ThirstdayBeer once every month. The student organizations for our faculty also organize other events such as UFOndue, a fondue night for Environmental scientists, and last week's Chlaushöck which is kind of like a little Christmas party - we gathered in the woods at Uetliberg (a small mountain next to Zurich), where we sat by the fire, drank Gluhwein (the Swiss equivalent to Glögi), ate Gritibenze (salty crackers shaped like gingerbread), and enjoyed the company of other students and teachers. These events have been a great opportunity to meet locals since the Erasmus events here are almost exclusively for exchange students. This has inspired me to be more active in International Student events back in Helsinki too, so that the international students coming to my university will have a similar feeling of inclusion as I've had here. #veronica #helsinginyliopisto #helsingforsuniversitet #universityofhelsinki #exchange #swisseuropeanmobilityprogram #zurich #ympäristötieteet #wearehelsinkiuni #erasmus #ethzurich #switzerland #erasmus #bilateral #environmentalscience #ufo #swisstraditions