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Short German stories! 📖 Writing is one of the language skills that students at the Language Centre practice. In one of the German courses this semester, students used their creativity and wrote short stories themselves. 🖊 The stories evolved after studying existing literary texts in class first. To foster creativity, students could choose their own theme and the exercise itself was voluntary as well. The exercise shows that creative writing is possible in a foreign language, even when you think you are not ready for it yet! If you are curious, take a look at the texts via the link in bio. #LanguageCentre #Kielikeskus #Språkcentrum #LanguageLearning #Deutsch #German #ShortStories #CreativeWriting #WeAreHelsinkiUni
💫 ONE WEEK LEFT TO APPLY FOR OUR BOARD OF 2021-2022! 💫 Are you ready for the best time of your student life? Volunteer with us! We are ESN Uni Helsinki, or as we refer to ourselves, the ESN family. ESN Uni Helsinki is a section in the Erasmus Student Network, which is a non-profit international student organisation. ESN Uni Helsinki organises events, excursions and trips for exchange and international students at the University of Helsinki under the principle of "students helping students". A FEW REASONS TO APPLY: ✈️ Going on exchange is one of the highlights of studying. As our board member, you can contribute to making student exchange in Helsinki even more awesome. 📄 You get great experience for your resume. We have many different board positions, so you can apply for the one(s) which would enable you to develop the skills that are relevant to you. 😍 You get to know people from all over the world and make new friends 💬 Volunteering with us offers a perfect opportunity to speak English regularly 🌻 Let your creativity flow: sky's the limit with online event ideas, for example 🌎 By joining ESN Uni Helsinki, you'll learn more about the national and international levels of ESN, too! 🔗 You'll find all our open positions and the application form by following the link in our bio! 🗓️ The new board will be elected in our Annual Spring Meeting on 19.4.2021 at 18:00. The meeting will be held on Skype. ✉️ If you have any questions or want to chat with us, DM or email us (! ❤️ #esnunihelsinki #THISisESN #universityofhelsinki #volunteering #studentlife #studentorganization
The past decade has seen a renaissance in scientific and clinical research involving psychedelics. Universities as well as startups - mainly in North America and Europe - are leading this revival. Governments, who banned most hallucinogens in the 1960s, have given permissions for clinical trials - but with strict terms and conditions. . Below is a list of universities with active programs that explore the use of psilocybin, ketamine, LSD, and other psychedelics for medical conditions such as severe anxiety, substance abuse, and clinical depression. . US > Emory University, > Johns Hopkins, > NYU, > Stanford, > University of Alabama at Birmingham, > University of Arizona, > UC Berkeley, > UCLA, > University of California, San Francisco, > University of Chicago, > Yale, . Canada > University of Toronto, . UK > Imperial College, London, . Other > Heffter Research Institute, > University of Basel, > University of Helsinki, > University of Zurich, . #emoryuniversity #johnshopkinsuniversity #johnshopkinspsychedelicresearch #nyu #nyupsychedelicmedicine #stanforduniversity #uniofalabama #universityofarizona #ucberkeley #ucla #uclapsychiatry #universityofcaliforniasanfrancisco #universityofchicago #yaleuniversity #universityoftoronto #imperialcollegelondon #heffterresearchinstitute #universityofbasel #universityofhelsinki #universityofzurich